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    • Characteristics of „AIRSTONE“ masonry blocks

        „AIRSTONE“ aerated concrete blocks are produced in UAB “Matuizu duju silikatas” plant in Lithuania. The aerated concrete products meet technical requirements of Lithuanian standard LST EN 771-4 – “Specification for masonry units – Part 4: Autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units”. Production of „AIRSTONE“ masonry units meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996.

        Intended use „AIRSTONE“ masonry units: to load-bearing and non-load-bearing constructions with protected surfaces.

         Marking of blocks

        The standard of UAB „Matuizu duju silikatas“ provides that all masonry products are marked with a letter “P”. The other letters indicate a type of products::

        • letter “P” indicates plates (width of the elements <150 mm);
        • letter “B“ indicates blocks (width of the elements ≥150 mm);
        • letter “U” indicates lintel blocks (U-blocks).

        The next (the third and the fourth) letters indicate the type of end surfaces of blocks. The end surfaces of blocks may be:

        • flat (there is no additional letter);
        • with system of grooves (marked by letter “D”);
        • flat surface with recess (marked by letter “K”);
        • with groove and recess (marked by letters “DK”).

        After the letters there is a marking of width of product in mm, compressive strength and masonry unit air-dry density classification. Possible examples of masonry units marking are presented in Table 1.

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