Masonry mortar S-10

Masonry mortar is used in low-rise and multi-storey buildings for setting of internal and external walls from silicate, ceramic and other bricks as well as from porous concrete blocks, dense silicate concrete blocks and other blocks.

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Resistance to frost and moisture, plastic when bricklaying.


Composition: quartz sand, cement, modification additives. Layer thickness 10-12 mm. Ready for use mortar must be applied within 3 hours. Correction time 5 min.


Wall materials (bricks or blocks) must be straight and clean, non-iced and non-waterlogged.

Mortar preparation

Masonry mortar to be poured into clean cool water and then to be stirred to smooth mass. The mass to be stirred using electrical stirrer, minor volumes can be stirred manually. The mass must be restirred in 5 minutes. All works to be done when substance and air temperature is +5°C - +25°C.

Water qnt

). 13-16 % of water/mortar mass unit (approximately 3,25-4 l / 25 kg bag).


Mortar to be laid on the ready substance using metal pallet. In the work procces mortar must be periodically restirred. Masonry wall must be protected from frost, sun and rain for 7 days.


Reaction of masonry mortar and water results an alkali therefore eyes and skin must be watched over, especially breath of mortar dust must be avoided. In case masonry mortar or ready mortar got into eyes, it is necessary to wash them using a lot of water and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

Packing and storage

Paper bags 25 kg. The product to be saved in the original packing for 12 months of the production date in a dry and cool place on the wooden pallets.


1,7 kg/m2 when seam thickness 1 mm.

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