Chimney system KERAPOR KLASSIK 7m. height

KERAPOR ceramic chimney system:

  • Chimney system certified  according to standards EN 13063-1 and EN 136063-2.
  • Operating temperature of Kerapor Klassik chimney up to 600°C, ceramic flue liners are resistant to aggressive condensate impact and soot fire.
  • Chimney system is to be in operation with solid fuel or condensate (gas) burners the exhaust gas temperature thereof is less than 200°C.
  • Chimney system is given 30 year guarantee.
  • Kerapor Klassik system is  simple and easily assembled and composed of three main components: ceramic blocks, ceramic flue liners and mineral wool.
Retail price
720,73 € / m3 (wat incl.)
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