Product quality and sertificates


A quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and Environmental Management System ISO14001:1996 standards are applied.

“Matuizų plytinės”, “Gargždų plytų gamyklos” ir “Kupiškio plytų gamyklos” producedSiliblokas” silicate products meet the technical requirements of BS EN 771-2 + A1: 2005.

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 gargzdu_ce_lt_b  siliblokas-gamybos-kontroles-sertifikatas_b



Since 2009 LLC „Matuizų plytinė“ produces its AAC units in newly built factory, equipped with modern, German production of technological equipment. AAC products comply with the existing Lithuania technical requirements BS EN 771-4 autoclaved aerated concretemasonry units. Management systems of quality and anti-pollution were introduced in a company in accordance with requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 14001:1996 standards.

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 poritas-iso-9001-2000-sertifikatas_b  poritas-aac-sertifikatas-ce_b



Dry mortars mixtures containing all the dry ingredients needed for the constructionalmortars. They just need to be diluted with water and mixed. Quality of such productsdepends on the quality of performance of manufacturing operations. “Matuizų dujų silikatas” new equipment exactly doses components, dries mixtures up to 0,5 percents of moisture.SIMMIX products meet the technical requirements for masonry mortars BS EN 998-2:2004.

“Matuizų dujų silikatas” laboratory modern equipment is certified under dry mortarsapplicable European standards EN.  It is very important for production quality control chain.Only one other production company in Lithuania has such level laboratory.




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